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The Ensign Group

Our Mission is to build and manage a portfolio of primarily real estate-based businesses that are profitable, durable, environmentally sensitive, and of high reputation in their respective fields, and that by so doing create value, respect, and satisfaction for their owners, employees, customers, and communities.



     The Ensign Group is a multigenerational company that began as a small ranching operation in Arimo Idaho in 1944. The founder, David A. Robinson, had a background in ranching as a youth, but worked as the editor for the Desert News. 1948 only fours years after purchasing this ranch in Idaho, David quit his job at Desert News and founded the Pocatello Post. This then grew, combined with another paper, and turned into the Idaho State Journal. David Robinson then shifted his focus in the early 1950’s leaving the news world and joining the world of operations as he focused on growing his ranch. Eventually he joined in a partnership with David (Dave) Freed and Ken Garff, expanding their ranching business.

     David passed away in 1986, and his children Christopher, Alex, and Victoria decided to continue what their father had worked so hard for. Before his passing, David Robinson had given this piece of advice to his children, “stick together and look to Dave [Freed] if something ever happens to me.” His children took this advice to heart and today they continue to work and grow with the Freed Family. Since their father’s passing The Arimo Ranch has expanded to become The Ensign Group which includes multiple ranch locations and development properties in Idaho and Utah.

     As always, The Ensign Group’s focus is not only on making the ranches more productive for cattle, but to improve the land’s habitat for wildlife. Chris Robinson, his siblings, ranch managers, and many others continuously work to improve the properties. Often focusing on water distribution, reseeding the land, and conservation projects, all to keep the land in its best state; making sure that the ranches will never be fully developed. The future for The Ensign Group looks bright, as they continue to grow and develop their ranches and other forms of Real Estate. Focusing on what they can do to best improve and utilize the land they are working with.


PO Box 540478 North Salt Lake, UT 84054


Tel: (801) 677-6400

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